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Had a car accident?

In the year 2017, online reports noted that deaths by motor vehicle crashes had gone up by 46% when compared to those in the year 2013. Whether it is due to higher volumes of vehicles on the roads, worsened adherence to driving rules, or simply poorer attention levels, the fact remains that this is a huge increase.

Car accidents and personal injury are linked.

A car accident where you suffer injuries due to no fault of yours is legal grounds for a personal injury case. Personal injury cases are filed when there is injury or damage suffered as a result of somebody’s negligence or lack of adequate care. Car accidents and personal injury often go hand in hand because in some states, auto insurance needs to include a personal injury plan or PIP. This is also called no-fault coverage where regardless of whose fault it is, some amount of the medical costs of people affected in the insurance holder’s car will be taken care of by the insurance company.

Car accident and the personal injury claim

If you, or someone you know, is involved in a personal injury claim, there may be a limit or cap on when someone could sue. Further, if the no-fault clause is in force, those intending to file a personal injury claim will need to work alongside the insurance company when seeking any kind of compensation.

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Had a car accident?

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