Two students were involved in a car accident in the west of Scotland after another driver cut directly in front of them, causing a head on collision.

A few days later, they were hounded by the other driver’s insurance company who put a great deal of pressure on the couple to settle for a very low offer – without even asking for evidence about what happened to them.

Insurers mislead couple about other drivers’ insurance

The insurers also misled the young couple and said the driver that caused the accident wasn’t insured – but they were still willing to pay compensation for their injuries.

Insurers put pressure on couple to accept low offer

The insurance company continued to hound the young couple, putting pressure on them to accept the offer.

We managed to raise the initial offers of 1,250 to £7,000 and £5,000 for both students for their losses and injuries, which helped towards buying a new car after the accident.

Case 4 – Paid Out