Our client Ahmet Keceli was driving on the A1 to Welwyn for work with his partner when a driver veered into his lane and crashed into him at 60mph.

Rescue services were called to the scene where Ahmet was cut out the car and taken to North Middlesex Hospital.

Ahmet Keceli suffered from lower back and hip pain as a result of the accident and was diagnosed as suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which is not uncommon for victims after a road accident. He found when he went back to work that he wasn’t able to do the same physical duties and his work was changed which meant he lost out on significant overtime opportunities.

We took over the case and fought on behalf of Jim Richmond. We fully investigated the case to establish what was owed to Jim to fairly compensate him for his injuries and the ordeal he went through.

15 times more compensation with specialist us

After multiple offers were made and rejected, Ahmet secured 15 times more compensation than the previous claims consultant.

Case 1 – Paid Out